Welcome to Epic Natural Beauty

First let me introduce you to CEO Isabella Sneezy.  She is Organic Certified, also State Board Certified since 2006. Her passion for the hair industry has taken her to new and exiting experiences. The best experience is being able to have found color that is both professional and safe. There are very few salons in America offering safer, organic, and natural services. Thanks to a little research, she came across safer color lines that won’t compromise the clients health and comfort. This is why she open the door to Epic Natural Beauty, a salon serving clients with color allergies and discomfort when they find themselves in the salon chair. She hopes you see her vision, Epic Natural Beauty was created to bring the best natural you to life.

Although there are a few fashion colors available in her salon, she hopes people understand the importance of healthy damage free hair. Fashion colors may not always be the best choice if you are looking for healthy shiny hair. Most fashion color require the removal of natural pigment, which causes dry hair, and damage.

“We were all born with the perfect hair color that compliments our skin tone, as we age our hair changes and the color becomes dull. Grey hair becomes our worst enemy and we loss our soft and shiny hair.  Keep in mind when it’s time to color remember to go 1 to 2 shades lighter or darker than you natural  hair color in order to continue to compliment your skin tone.”

– Isabella Sneezy 

“For those of you that prefer the extreme just remember, extreme change mean “high maintenance” & “Damage” and in  our Arizona hot sunny weather it’s very easy to loss control of restoring dry over process hair. Not to mention going extreme, also throws off your skin tone  therefor you will have to change your make-up to compliment your new hair color.” 

– Isabella Sneezy

Thank you for choosing safer salon’s for you your family and the environment. Together we can make a difference for our planet and future generations to come.

Epic Natural Beauty Salon Policy 

-Call at least 8 hours ahead to reschedule or Cancel. Missed appointment without canceling will result in $20 fee added to your next service

-Children are welcome, However for their safety they must stay away from work areas. Any damages caused by children will be at parents responsibility. 

-Due to my products being imported, absolutely no refunds or returns.

-Any Corrections must be reported immediately and corrected within 7 days of initial service.

-To extend the life of your hair color, you must used my hair products which are safe and gentle on the color.  Place a filter on your shower head to prevent mineral build up. Once you leave my salon you are responsible for the care of your color. Super market, and non organic professional products are not recommended. 

-All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

-I reserve the right to refuse services to anyone.